Wednesday, August 12, 2009

cinema babble

The film: LadyHawke
The Folk: Michelle Pfeiffer, Rutger Hauer, Leo Mc Kern, Matthew Broderick
The Deal: Set in medieval Europeland, in the, I dunno, Renaissance? Middle Ages? Dark Ages? Doesn't matter. Take one gorgeous, innocent woman (Rutger, you know who I mean), one power knight (now we're talking RH), one vile, reprehensible bishop (are there any other kind in the movies?), one priest who inadvertently, while in his cups, sets off a chain of events that include a curse on the aforementioned couple (knight and innocent maiden), a petty thief nicknamed 'Little Mouse'(Broderick), a whole lotta galloping horses, sword play, an errant arrow and some astronomy. Little Mouse becomes embroiled in this tale when he picks the wrong pocket in the marketplace, and then flees, setting off a highly charged adventure. Into this stockpot, toss romance, mysticism, humor, and, quite possibly, the worst-fitting soundtrack since Eyes Wide Shut. (Probably seemed 'of the moment' at the time, but, man! it is the only part of the flick that does not stand the test of time. At all.)

Grading Session: 4.99 stars out of 5 (the soundtrack). However, you simply must see the 'special effects' involving the moon, an eclipse, eye transformations- and a mostly make-up free Michelle.

Lessons Learned: If you are walking past a theater, and there is a movie which sounds intriguing, but about which you know nothing? Quick, go buy a ticket. We did this with 2 movies: Star Wars and LadyHawke. Worked out OK for us.
Also- be careful what you tell your confessor, because he may wind up blurting it out to his confessor, and, the next thing you know, there are special effects involving eye-changes and eclipses involved.

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