Saturday, August 8, 2009

blog baby steps

Decided today, while watching Julie and Julia to try my hand at a blog about two things I love: movies and books. First out of the chute? Well, duh: Julie and Julia and the two books upon which the movie was based. Must say, enjoyed (is that too damning with faint praise?) the book Julie and Julia, but was absolutely absorbed by the film. I could pretty much watch Meryl Streep read from the back of a box of Count Chocula, spellbound. That unselfconscious willingness to assume alien life forms is rivetting. And, oh my word, the food! It is, somehow, so mesmerising to watch someone who excels at what they do, do what they do do so well. (sorry about the do-do part)

Went straight from the theater to the book store and bought Mastering the Art Of French Cooking, (felt like throwing out my old, much loved and previous numero uno go-to cook book- The Joy of Cooking- after the 2 lines in the film spoken by the creator of that thing!), as well as the 2nd book used to launch the film: My Life In France, by Julia Child and her nephew, Alex Prud'homme. Also got An Appetite for Life -mostly for the pix, but Prendie is currently reading it. 'MLIF' reads the way Julia spoke: humorously, enthusiastically and chock full of tiny moments shining through the years, like multi-faceted gems of description, opinion and joy in the minute and the every day. Just know I'll have problems putting it down before I am finished reading it.

Why not try them both? Lesson learned: butter, apparently, is the key ingredient to a happy life. Who knew this?
Grading Session:
Julie and Julia, the book:3.5 stars out of 5;
My Life in France (so far, and subject to revision, pending, I dunno, a surprise attack by zombies, love-starved vampires...or both):5 stars out of 5; Julie and Julia (the film) 5.5 stars (extra credit for casting Streep) out of 5.

Oh, and please comment. It's tough being out here all alone!

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