Sunday, October 18, 2009

Law-Abiding Citizen

The Film: Law-Abiding Citizen
Genre: Torture Porn
Abettors: Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, etc
The Dealio: When Butler's family is killed, and he, himself, nearly so, he does what any righteous person with the means to do so, wants: plans revenge. I am all for revenge and caper movies- and especially combining revenge and caper, ( see 'Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less', book or TV mini-series, for the template on how it should be done: cooly, with great style, detail and intricate planning, and a tiny twist at the end to make you say, "Ahhhhh! Did not see that coming, but, nonetheless, 'ahhhhh'.") This was not that. At all. To begin with, much too much adoringly intent dwelling on the most unspeakable images possible. Secondly: oh, come on now. I am as willing as the next person to give the film a bye on suspension of belief. But, unless this is a fantasy film -and I mean, an intentional fantasy film-it really is customary to offer at least the illusion of plausibility. Thirdly- and this is vital for someone who likes a really scorching caper/revenge flick: don't turn our hero into an irredeemable, living, breathing incarnation of evil and expect me to care any more. But that's just me.
The Grading Session: Yuck out of 5 stars.
Lessons Learned: As the accountants would say:'Less expenditure on blood and things that go bang, more on writing and coherence.' You can't buy my affection with gore and mayhem. To do that, you have to add in at least the minimum of thoughtful plot and diligent acting. Done widdat guy.

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