Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cinema (and a little Biblio) Babble: When Myths Unite

The Flick: Rise of the Guardians

The Peeps: (voice talent) Alec Baldwin, Chris Pine, Isla Fisher, Hugh Jackman, Jude Law, etc, etc.

The Dealio: Law's smoothly shiver-inducing Pitch threatens the dreams of children everywhere by unleashing war on the mythological Guardians of Childhood: Baldwin's Chris North (AKA Santa), Fisher's Tooth Fairy, Jackman's E. Aster Bunny, and Pine's Jack Frost. The idea here is to make kids stop believing in these characters, causing them to lose their powers to protect children from nightmares. One of the most evocative characterisations, though, is Sandy (the Sandman), who does not utter a single word, but wields enormous power and has true presence in unfolding of this tale. Now, for the Biblio Babble: This film is based on a series of books I absolutely love. Created by William Joyce (if you want to hear the truly touching backstory, drop me a comment and I will provide). The artwork is so gorgeous, that I have bought about four of these and am itching to give them away to someone with kids who would really appreciate such  books. The artwork is stunning and the Hubs and I have poured over them several times, totally immersed in the world of finely wrought deets which Joyce has created. Now, here's some good news: in the Spring, a second Guardians-related flick- Epic- will come out and the book from which it springs is, I feel, the most beautiful of the ones we have. Can I get a YAY!?.

The Grading Sessions: 4.98 pengies out of 5. Could have done more with the music. Should have done more with the music. However, the art-effects were so spectacular, I feel the film-makers did justice to Joyce's work.

Lessons Learned: Wonderful movies  can be made from a children's book. Not easily, but can be done with care and intent. Lastly this: as long as someone believes in you, anything is possible, and you do become more powerful. Try it.

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