Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cinema Babble: Well, really, who doesn't

The Flick: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

The Peeps: Jiro Ono, Yoshikazu Ono, etc.

The Dealio: This doc highlights 85 year old Jiro Ono, who operates arguably one of the finest sushiya in Tokyo. After looking at his past, we  get to see his relationship with his son and heir, Yoshikazu. We are introduced to those chefs who have been influenced by him, inspired by him, and even felt driven from  the business entirely, based on their experiences with this perfectionist. Unlike most celebrated Western chef-personalities, Jiro is a quiet- not a publicity-seeking- man who holds everyone who works with him to excruciating standards. Standards from which he does not exempt himself. Whether it is the detail of using the wrong shoyu or spending too much for the fish, no detail goes unnoticed. And there is a price to be paid for this level of perfection. Don't believe me? Check out this movie.

The Grading Session: 3.98 pengies out of 4. It absolutely drove me full goose looney that the captioning was white on white background, which made it, for large lengths of time,  very difficult to make out. Jiro and company are not exactly cut from the Jim Carrey school of profound facial expressionism, so this made the job of following  the discussions pretty challenging. Your mileage may differ.

Lessons Learned: Don't tick off a man who is tremndously talented with  large knives. Also this: if, when it is right, you just know, too, when it is wrong, you know that , too. Lastly this: ten points to Griffendor if you can name Jiro's other son. And, yes, there is one.

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