Saturday, June 4, 2011


The Book: Bossypants

The Author: Tina Fey

The Dealio: As related by Tina Fey, Bossypants is a zigzag of a road trip through her life. To date. There are tantalising behind-the-scenes glimpses at everything from how she interviewed with Lorne Michaels to become a writer on Saturday Night Live (don't finish his sentences), decoding that mysterious lip-treatment Sarah Palin uses (lipliner and chapstick) and the Secrets to how 30 Rock turned up on our TVs and wound up with numerous Emmys (there are two: She wrote about her own experiences, then exaggerated them, but not by much. And, of course, Alec Baldwin). But wait! There's more!
Fey is a snarky, self-deprecating, quick thinking- and talking- person who was meant to read her own stories. She shares a considerable number of characteristics with most of us: she over-thinks her decisions, and then mentally scolds herself for the choice she eventually makes.So she's got that going for her. She doesn't quite see herself the way others do. And, more personally, she does read blogs and reacts to what people say about her in them. She never narcs on any 'Dee Bees' by name. Darn it. And she is generous to a fault with anyone who has given her an opportunity, (Lorne Michaels), a moment of their time (Oprah Winfrey), or a show of support (Alec Baldwin). She loves her family, while being aware of their shortcomings- as well as her own. I do so like that in a person, a celebrity and a writer. She says the kinds of things I wish I had said at the time...and so does she. Whatever the topic, she not only has an opinion, but can actually stop traffic with it. That's a powerful force, there! And it is a silly delight to bask in it.

The Grading Session: 4.89 pengies out of 5. No points off for soundtrack. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of a couple of the election run-up pieces straight from SNL. As Fey herself would say, 'Check your PDF. '

Lessons Learned: Everyone faces the future filled with self-doubts...unless they are fairly clueless about the possibility of life after high school and think that high school existence is neverending. Also this: She would make a great dinner or party guest (and Alec Baldwin, too).

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