Saturday, January 1, 2011

looking back and moving forward

Hello to all ye who have followed my blog this year.
Looking back, I must say that it has been fun and I have ended the year with two pretty great films. Many books, too, although I haven't blogged as much as I would like on them. New Years' resolution #1? More book blogging. I am halfway through Life by Keith Richards, so I promise to blog upon it, as soon as poss.
Would also like to thank those of you who have offered comments- or even just stolen a glance or two. It's almost as much fun as a book/film club, but with more distance and time- and far less wine and munchies- between the participants. Love that.
Any suggestions? Any critiques? I should say what I say to the peeps who come to my class and offer to write evals: I always welcome these. Aaaaand, if they are particularly mean...I will just shred 'em! (and thank you so much for vomiting toxins all over me and my words). One recommendation I will be taking for action is the occasional incorporation of TV series' into the blog. Waitwaitwait....I said 'occasional', and I promise to abide by that limitation. But, a eensy sneak peek? OK, you twisted my arm: the BBC series Sherlock Holmes. Oooh-la! I can scarcely wait!
Hope to see you back here right soon.
Happy 2011, y'all.

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