Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's Goin' On Before The Show

For the past few weeks, when I go to see a movie (but, oddly, never when I see one with Prendie), I have been treated to scenes from True Grit, version 2.0. Prendie has been hearing a lot of buzz on the SASS site and related blogs about the movie, and I am purely pumped to see that Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon feature largely in this. I felt so-so about the original, so maybe I am the wrong person to even comment on this, but I can not wait to see this one! I suppose part of it is seeing Damon doing what is commonly referred to as 'The Glen Campbell Part', but, I think that more than this, I am pleased with the selection of Jeff Bridges in the starring role. So- let's get moving, already; I feel a Christmas day outing to the movies comin' on. Who's with me?

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