Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sneak Preview of First Cinema Babble Death Cage Match

The Challengers: Losers vs The A Team

The Criteria: Gonna be like an upgrade of cruise flick evals:
Estimated Body Count
Truly Arcane Ways To Get Rid Of A Rival
Lethal Hot Chicks
WMDs Involved?
Personal Peculiarities/An Interesting Back Story or Ultimate 'Whoa!' Moment for Villain or Hero (numero uno example? Darth 'Luke, I am your father' Vader)
Reason For Mission (Revenge? Righting wrongs? Patriotism? Extra points if a small group of renegade-and I use that term deliberately-military reunites to clear their name/take down a traitor among us))
A Traitor Among Us
Most Unique 'Mascot'
Most Cohesive, Likable Team
Major 'Awwwwww' Moment
Bad Guy Gets Left With the Check/A Brinks Truck Full of Newspaper?
The Parent-Child Connection
Really Killer Incidental Music/Soundtrack
Quality Of Over-The-Credits Materials (extra points for things which either provide closure or catch us up with the major players)

And now it's your turn: what other criteria would you most like to see as areas for grading The Ultimate Winner of the First Cinema Babble Death Cage Match?

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