Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Grading Session Scoring Device

Hi, all one or two of you who follow along with the adventures of blogging books and movies with me. I am given to understand that it is difficult to leave a comment, and hope I have fixed that- but am not overwhelmingly confident. Just hope you are enjoying what you read- agree or not.
I am going to make one very minute-but essentially blog-altering change: from now on, I will be scoring with penguins (or, more commonly, 'pengies') not stars. The range will be from 0 pengies (hardly worth getting out of bed to see on TV, let alone paying to see it in theatre), to 5 pengies (the ultimate movie-going experience, and well worth seeing multiple times, so you may as well go on and buy my humble opinion).
Hope you hang with me and also hope to hear from you!

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