Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dis N Data

This is in the nature of a 'clean-up' post, and refers to one film I have already dealt with (which) and one which I have not even mentioned here before.
First things first:
I am writing in reaction to a review I saw on TV (At The Movies, but several others have raised the same issue).
The Film: Julie and Julia
The Dealio: Read the book, saw the film. Loved the film far more than the book. But, here's an interesting thing- to me, anyway- everyone is praising Meryl Streep (who is definitely praiseworthy) and lambasting Amy Adams. The descriptors I hear most often are 'whiny' and 'dramatic' and 'self-centred'. OK, folks, one more time: this is an actor, portraying a real person. Secondly, I have dipped my toes (not literally, don't worry about sanitary issues) into Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and I am here to tell you, I have felt the urge to be whiny and self centred and dramatic. These are enormously demanding and intricately choreographed undertakings, dear ones. At the end of the evening, I have been tempted to curl up in a ball on the kitchen floor and just have myself a nice, old-fashioned sob fest. So, let's give Amy a break here, OK? Besides, who could possibly compare to the incredible Streep playing the universally revered Julia C.?
OK on to the second piece of this post.
Went to see Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince with my sister, Barb. It was in 3 D and IMAX. HA! It cost us $10/per- although we used her golden tickets, that was the 'up sale' for ticket-users of that show. Then we were asked to purchase 3 D specs for $4- each. Aaaaaand, that's OK with me, as long as we would have the opportunity to actually use them for more than the opening 3.20 minute segment. I truly felt ripped off, especially as, in this particular film, there were so many opportunities to use the technology. But, nooooo. So, who exactly am I ticked off with(which)? Well, I guess it's a mixed bag, here. But, I am going to come down hard on the side of the theatres which are showing the film. I think it is unmitigated gall to call something IMAX 3 D, charge you extra for same, and then give you such a tiny piece of what might be called either 3 D or IMAX (I truly did not get that IMAX experience, either, so, maybe the theatre was not exactly set up for this?).
Whew. I am so glad to get these off my chest.
And don't worry, this is-hopefully- an aberration. Will return next time with some words on actual books and films. Until then, 'OK, people! Make it work!'

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